Byron Bay Markets

There's no better way to experience Byron's culture, all in one place, than at the monthly Byron Community Markets. Held on the 1st Sunday of each month, the Byron Bay Markets will give you everything you expect when visiting Byron. Fantastic food, lively entertainment and truly interesting and friendly locals. 

Consider this the gateway to the colourful & diverse elements of the Rainbow Region.

Here are 5 things that are a 'must see and do' on your market trip:

1. Catch the sounds & vibe of talented local buskers, bands, performance and roving artists spread out across the market grounds. Byron Bay is full of high quality musicians & creative artists. You never know what you might discover. 

2. Chow down on some international cuisine made with fresh local produce. Sip on organic coffee grown in the hinterlands while you stroll between the stalls. All pallets and dietary needs are covered with the extensive range of sweets and savouries on offer.

3. Artisans in action. Watch leather being cut, punched, stitched and patched into amazing creations. Witness a new hand drums being skinned and banged to musical life, learn how to juggle and If you're creatively inclined you might even pick up a new idea or two.

Byron Bay Markets

4. Have a chat with stall holders, community workers and performers to discover the stories and personalities that reflect the magic of Byron.

5. At around 3pm, while the stalls are packing down, the infamous "Drumming Circle" begins. Time to experience the tribal side of Byron. Earthy & groovey, with a selection of hand drums from all over the world, the drum circle will fill you with energy and inspiration to continue on a high for the rest of your Byron visit.



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Written by Dharma

Byron Palms Guest House Manager