Many travellers come to Byron Bay to experience breathtaking swimming spots but find themselves not knowing where else to go but sit among the crowds at main beach in front of the surf club every day of their holiday. Yes, of course our Main Beach is still amazingly beautiful, clean and accessible but we thought we would share some insider’s tips on some secret special swimming spots you might like to adventure to. Be sure to also check out our list of “Best Beaches of Byron” for all the great beaches walking distance of the CBD.


1. Little Wategos Beach


While Wategos beach is extremely well known, just around the bend, little Wategos remains a bit of a hidden gem. It isAustralia’s most Easterly Beach! About 150m long, this pristine beach is only accessible by foot via the walking track that stretches between Wategos Beach and the Lighthouse.  At low tide there are rock pools to enjoy, a natural rock wall to
explore, and a grassy bank to relax on.


2. Lake Ainsworth


Just south of Byron, Lake Ainsworth is located at Lennox head. Walking distance from the main strip of cafes, and just behind the dunes of the surf beach you will find this giant body of fresh water unbelievable. The fresh water is dyed dark red-like brown, by the supernatural oils that drip down from the surrounding tea tree plants. This makes the lake not only relaxing but therapeutic, doing wonders for the skin. The lake smooth, relaxing nature makes it popular for kayaking, stand up paddle boards, and floating devices of all kinds.


3. Whites Beach


White’s beach is a truly breathtaking piece of nature. It feels quite remote and so magical, you would believe you were only a 15 minute drive from Byron CBD. I once was swimming only meters away from a small pod of dolphins here. It is located in broken head nature reserve and access is made via a walking track that leads from an unmarked dirt carpark on the side of the road. We can give you more detailed directions here at the guesthouse. The Beach at high tide is split into 3 smaller beaches. And at Low tide, is one large stretch of beach lined with several caves and countless Pandanus trees.



4. Belongil Beach Creek Opening


Where the Belongil Tea Tree Creek meets ocean, there is a perfect calm place to swim. At complete low tide the two bodies of water are separate, but otherwise they split Belongil Beach in two (with very shallow water). As the tide rises, the ocean water washes into the creek opening and as the tide lowers, the tea tree dyed fresh water escapes from the creek into the ocean. Access to the opening is found by entering the beach via the grass field beside elements resort, and then turning right.



5. Killen Falls


Only 25 minutes from Byron, this hinterland waterfall is definitely worth the trip. The round waterhole is bordered by a naturally hollowed out Cliffside, which creates one huge cave surrounding the water. You can set us you picnic spot in the cave, before going for a swim. Looking up from in the water you will see nature at its best with a mist from the waterfall highlighting the extraordinary features of the Cliffside. If you’re a daring enough to face standing under the powerful waterfall it is definitely a fun experience, just be careful not to slip on the rocks. There is a pathway that leads to the water fall from an above carpark at the end of Killen Falls Drive.

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Steph Westaway

Written by Steph Westaway