Everyone dreams of that quick weekend escape. Getting out of the weekly grind and the city buzz to take a weekend and truly unwind

The problem is however, many of us don't have to time to organise or know where to start when it comes to planning a trip to that unique destination where we'd love to spend a weekend away.  

As a Byron Weekend is often hot on the randar weather it's a couples retreat a surfing road trip with mates or a hinterland adventure. We thought we'd provide you with all the resources you need to quickly and easily plan and book your Byron Weekend Getaway.

Step 1 Travel & Logistics 

Getting to Byron can be tricky. If you're driving it's important to try and avoid the incoming traffic jam that can often build up over the weekend. I would suggest trying to schedule your arrival on the Friday evening and departure late on the Sunday afternoon. This also allows you to maxmise your time and if you're staying at Byron Palms will happily assist you with a late check out. 

If you are going by air, try flying into Balina Airport. Jet Star & Virgin both fly there from most of the major capital cities however, it's unlikely you'll be able to get a late evening weekday flight so if you're looking to head straight to the airport from work you'll need to either get an early mark or fly to the Gold Coast. 

From either airport you'll have to arrange an airport transfer into town or if you stay at Byron Palms we can often arrange a pick up for you.

Step 2. Booking Accommodation 

Many people use booking search engines to book their stay but if you are looking for the best deals inquire directly and ask for special offers

Make sure the place you choose to stay is in a suitable location and has everything you need to relax and unwind. 

Byron Palms Winter Escape

Step 3 Pack A Good Attitude

If you can turn off your phone, leave your laptop behind and use the 48 hours to switch into relax mode. You'll be surprised how much longer doing this makes your trip feel. Leave your busy work mode attitude behind and let your self unwind. 

Step 4 Plan Your Days But Stay Flexible

Some activities you'll have to book. This can include things like a Yoga session, Day Spa or Sea Kayaking with the dolphins. Book ahead if you can and ask for flexible time options as sometimes enjoying the beach or reading a book whilst lying on the deck can be the ideal way to pass the time. 


Peter O'Connor

Written by Peter O'Connor

Director Byron Palms Guest House